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Children's Tour Photos

These are the photos of the free Children's Tours that we have been doing for more than a decade. To read more about our tour program, click here for the Community page.

We love these photos, and we tried to get at least one of every tour group. Sadly, it is possible that we have missed a group or two over the years, as the tours are sometimes slightly hectic.

These photos and videos show why we enjoy the tours so much.

Run Faster!
Cirrus With Happy Children, Sept. 2016
September, 2015, With Their Flags
May, 2015, In Front of the Cirrus SR-22
Video: Children Playing With Their Flags
Under the Wing, May 2013
In Front of the Cessna, September, 2010.
A Big Group, May, 2010
The Big Prize: A Flag From the Airplane
Carrying the flags back Sept 2011
In Front of the Repainted Cessna AgTruck.
September, 2011: A Fine Group
Preschool September 2008
Preschool September 2007
All Wrapped Up
Auto Flagman Flags Are Great Fun!
Trying Out The Skylane's Controls
The Other Airplanes On The Ramp Are Ignored
The Airplane's Dropped Flags Are Always a Hit
The Cessna AgTruck Dropping Flags
It Is Sometimes Windy
I Can't Wait To Take This Home
Even The Thank You Notes Are Fun
PreSchool in Front of the Cessna AgTruck
Everyone Got to Sit Inside the Airplane
The 4th Grade, May, 2006
Beside The Stearman Biplane
Preschool Class, October, 2005
Girl Scouts In Front of the Stearman
Ron Watches From the AgTruck September 2004
Thank You Letter From Head Start